Do you suffer of chronic pain? Are you tired of spending so much money on medicine that does not cure you?

If it is, PROLOTHERAPY is your solution! You don't have to live with pain. In these modern days the are special techniques that help you to cease the pain without side effects (like drugs use to do).

Prolotherapy, also known as regenerative injection therapy is a technique in wich slightly irritating solutions are injected into the body to finally end the pain. Prolotherapy is not for diminished the pain, it is to HEAL the PAIN once and for all.

FAQ: Quick Insight on Prolotherapy

Who can be a candidate to Prolotherapy?

Anyone, it doesn't matter your age or body shape, even if your injuries are new or chronic in your articulations, ligaments and tendons are able to take the Prolotherapy treatment.

What is the advantage of Prolotherapy?

First: it has a rate of succes  of 84% to 94%.

Second: a patient could avoid the risk of needing a surgery, this means that if the Prolotherapy treatment goes well all along, most of the patients would have an amazing improve and not even need a surgery. 

How safe it is?

It is safer than taking pills along the day, only to diminish or camouflage the pain for a few hours to finally come back. Never curing it.

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"Prolotherapy is not for diminished the pain, it is to HEAL the PAIN once and for all."

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