Information on Prolotherapy

Love it or hate it, exercise seems to be one of the areas where we can make the most significant impact on our health. We know exercising and keeping our weight under control have a lot to do with the chemical environment within our joints, but can exercise impact the makeup of the PRP made from our blood to treat...

In today's computer screen and connected environment, many of us don't sleep well. Add in too much Starbucks or a Red Bull, and it's a wonder any of can get some z's. However, few of us connect that poor sleep with pain, despite research showing that one may cause the other. This morning let's look at some new research...

A common sales pitch in many stem cell therapy seminars involves old age and stem cells. These clinics often claim that your stem cells are too old to use, hence you need to use young stem cells from umbilical cords. Is this true? To answer that question we need to first learn more about aging and stem cells.

Can we use a genetic test to see who will get back pain? If we do, can we prevent it? As early 21st-century medicine progresses, we will be confronted with these dilemmas. Has the first foray into this next step in diagnosis arrived?

Patients in chronic pain have always had it rougher than patients with a disability you can see. If we see a patient who has lost a limb or can't walk due to paralysis, we all understand that these patients are disabled. However, a patient who just has chronic pain has an invisible disability.

What controls how stem cells behave in the body? While we know that the cells detect what's around them and respond, are there other things that tell them what to do? Turns out that the nervous system plays a role as well. Let's dig into that topic.

We've all been told for many years that we need to take an aspirin a day to help prevent heart attacks. Hence, there are many people that take this drug every day. However, given that aspirin is a blood thinner, does it impact the way your platelets work? If so, does that change the way platelet-rich plasma works?

I have noted for years that many of our low-back pain patients eventually develop knee pain. However, the problem with American medicine is that it's focused on parts of the body, so we often have a spine surgeon and a knee surgeon with each not knowing much about the other part of the body. This is despite continued and mounting...

It's a myth to believe that every injection of PRP or stem cells will help 100% of the patients with knee arthritis. In fact, there's a failure rate with all of these technologies. So if you do need a knee replacement, what might determine if that's a success or failure? Turns out weight is one thing to consider.

If you've never been a big exercise person, can you start late in life and still get health benefits? While answers to that question would be all over the map based on opinion, we have some new research that weighs in. So let's dig in.

Because of our high-tech, rapid-pace lifestyles, it's easy for the circadian rhythms of the people today to get out of whack. And, it's not just jet lag. Disruption in these cycles can lead to premature aging, depression, allergies, and even, cancer.