What is the function of the Orthopedist?


Orthopaedic is a branch of the medicine, dedicated to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent injuries and diseases of the locomotor system of the human body. This system is so complex that is formed by bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. This system allows to perform movements on any living being.

A few years ago orthopaedics was dedicated exclusively to perform treatments on children with spine or limbs deformations. However nowadays orthopaedics can treat patients of any age range, from newborn children with clubfoot, athletes that need arthroscopic surgery. Even seniors with arthritis.

The orthopedist is in charge of treating problems that affects the motor system. The orthopedist specializes in:

  • The diagnosis of injuries or disorders of the motor systems.
  • The treatment if it is with medicines, exercises, surgery.
  • Rehabilitation, setting exercise routines or physical therapy to regain mobility, strenght and the performance of an extremity.
  • The prevention with information and treatment plans to avoid injuries or delay the development of disorders.

As any other medical specialist, the orthopedist are capable to do general practices, but also specialize in an special limb such as: foot, hand, spine, hip, knee, and also pediatrics, trauma or medicine sports.