What is PRP?


By it initials Platelete Rich Plasma, mostly used in proliferative injection therapies, better known as Prolotherapy. This treatments of regenerative medicine has been around for decades, one of the most interesting additions in the last few years is the PRP.

The power of PRP have proved it's eficiency, for injuries on hips, shulders, also injuries at meniscus and degenerative meniscus. Literature about healing or improvements has been abundant on injuries in soft tissues, treated with PRP including, tendinosis, muscle fibrosis, ligament sprains and also used cartilage regeneration. 

The role of the Platelets in Prolotherapy.

Platelets play a central role in blood coagulation and injurie healing, due to its regenerative factor needed for it's healing. Growing factors that come from the Platelets are biological active and live susbtances that improve the healing mechanism on tissues. Studies have demonstrated a direct relation between the number of platelets and the proliferation magnitud implied on the cicatrization of the injurie.

In other words, PRP improve the events implied on tissue healing. What we can say about it is that tissues can heal faster with Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.  Always remember to consult an especialist so you can have better knowledge on your case and have a diagnosis of your own.