What is Prolotherapy? 


Chronic pain is a common issue at the specialist office. And this treatment could become the final solution for the pain treatment. Once and for ALL!

You can have the control of your life back!
You can have the control of your life back!

Prolotherapy could be defined as a complementary treatment against pain, wich it consist on injections of irritating "agents" , that start an inflamatory process inside a joint, a ligament or a tendon. In the specific origin or insertion of  a muscle, with the goal of healing the pain and improve the function of it. 

The term "prolotherapy" as it was coined byt the Dr. George S. Hacket, in the 1940's decade, expanding the knowledge on regenerative structures of pain in the skeletal-muscle system. Dr. Hacket define it as: "The rehabilitation of an incompetent structure (a joint or a tendon) on the induction of prolifereation  on new cells that are able to produce fibrous tissue, wich reinforce and stabilize the joint and eliminates the disability once and for all".

The easiest way to regain your health and movement without PAIN in your life is making an appointment at the specialist office, so you can have a personalized treatment also a satisfactory recovery, so from now on you can have a life WITHOUT PAIN.