What is a Contracture?


A muscular contracture is a mainteined and involuntary contraction of a muscle. When theres a contracture, a bulge is notable in the affected area. This bulge comes with elasticity loss of the muscle and it could cease the functionality of it. In other words, the muscle does not work properly.

When we talk about pain, it could appear due to nerve compression or a deficit in the vascularisation of the own muscle. 

Why do I have a contracture?

Usually contractures are the result of muscle overwork, mostly generated by spine deformities or muscular imbalances, even due to bad positions for prolonged hours. Some of the next points are also posible causes of contractures:

  • Prolonged inadequate postures in an activity.  
  • Wrong and forced ways of exercise. For example: when we lifted more weight than usual, without knowing how to lift it.
  • Dehydration, lack of magnesium, potasium. Muscle cells need water, glucose, sodium, potasium & magnesium.
  • Emotional and psychological stress, this factors play an important part in contractures, due to the reactions that anxiety and tension can cause in the human body, could affect the nervous system, making the neck rigid and causing muscular tension. 

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