Unresolved Neck Pain


Neck Pain is a condition that affects about 5% of the general population. This pain could results in a significant disability and health care with personal and economic consequences. As the duration of the neck symptoms increases, especially beyond six months, one's mental health is negatively affected. Younger patients are more impacted by neck and referral arm symptom more than the usually old patients. It is documented that the more the pain persist, the more likely is to become chronic neck pain.

There is consensus on how to treat acute painful neck episodes, there is much debate on how to treat chronic neck pain. Most monotherapies either do not work or have limited efficacy. Drugs, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants have some short term benefit. Physiotherapy and massage therapy show temporary benefit but do little to curb long-term pain. 

Current treatment with Prolotherapy.

Conventional therapy for unresolved neck pain include: medical treatment with analgesis, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressant medications, epidural or other steroid shots, trigger point injections, muscle strenghtening exercises, physiotherapy, weight loss, rest, massage therapy, intradiscal electrothermal therapy, manipulation, necmk braces, implanted spinal cord stimulators or morphine pumps, surgical treatments that range from disc replacement to fusions, rehabilitations. An all of this therapies leave the patients with residual pain.

This is why Prolotherapy could really and finally improve health with chronic pain patients, all the background literature on prolotherapy defend this point. Non surgical alternatives are taking the field on regenerative medicine. Check it out by yourself.