Trochanteric Pain


The trochanter is the lateral prominent bone of the femur on the high of the thigh - usually you can touch it from outside - and this is what names this painful pathology on the hip.

When a patient presents a problem on this area, it usually comes with a irradiate pain along the lateral side of the leg, sometimes even the knee or the ankle. Trochanteritis could also be bilateral or only affect one of both sides - left or right - of the hip.

What really is "trochanteritis"?

When we talk about trochanteritis we tell how in reality is a whole of pathologies with different origins. 

  • Trochanteritis is really inflamation on the site where the muscles insert into the femur.
  • Cutaneal femolateral syndrome is the pain along the nerve that goes down on the lateral side of the leg onto the ankle, this one is parallel to the sciatic but on the side instead of the back of the leg and with the peculiarity that this nerve is only sensitive without any function. 
  • Fascia lata syndrome is the pain all trough this muscle, that goes from the zone above the trochanter, down to the back of the knee.

These are very invalidant problems because it affects basics daily life activities such as lay down on one side of the hip or even walk (on the trochanter all the gluteus insert, wich are muscles that provide stability to the hip in the phase where one leg is wallking).