The Prolotherapy Pioneer


In this articule we will talk about the achievemnet and discoverings that due to Dr. George S. Hackett lead the way for Prolotherapy to nowaday. 

Among these achievements and discoverings of Dr. George S. Hackett are:

  • Creation of the term Prolotherapy.
  • He histologically and radiographically demonstrated that Prolotherapy induces proliferation at the bone-tissue union level/
  • He documented through microscopes that Prolotherapy caued tendon growth.
  • He cuantified the growth of the tendon and the bone-tissue with various solutions.
  • He tried out how cortisone inhibit bone-tissue proliferation.
  • Demonstration trough microscopic test the security that various proliferant solutions that the used in his patients.
  • He descovers the patterns that showed pain in cervial and spine ligaments.

More achievements and discoverings

  • He published his investigations on Peer reviewed journals.
  • He preented his invetigations at conventions of the American Medicine Society.
  • He documented his patients along the years.
  • He writed a book about Prolotherapy wich was published in three editions.
  • He teached Prolotherapy technique to other doctors.
  • He presented Prolotherapya at several medical meetings around the country.
  • He helped at the fundation of the Prolotherapy Association.
  • For many decades he followed his patients results to demonstrate the effectiveness of Prolotherapy and how it can heal chronic pain.
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