Sciatica, Pain & Prolotherapy


In ocassions patients that come to the specialist office, show deep pain that start in the low part of the back and goes down to the leg, along with numbness and muscular weakness in the extremity.

What is the Sciatica?

This pain usually caused by a injurie in the spine, due to injuries that cause compression between the vertebrae, for example hernial disc. Always is better to not look away when we feel this kind of pain, always go to see a specialist. 

Pain & Prolotherapy

Sciatica comes with the presence of one or more of these symptoms:

  • Constant pain in one gluteus or in only one leg (in rare ocassions the pain might feel in both legs).
  • Pain that goes stronger when we want to sit down.
  • Burning feel or a tingle that goes down the leg (instead of a solid pain in a specific area).
  • Weakness, numbness or dificulty to move the leg or the foot.
  • Constant pain in one buttock.
  • Stinging pain that might be difficult to stand up or walk.   

Now that we identified the Sciatica and how sciatica pain works, in the world today there are treatments not only to diminished the pain, but also to completely HEAL the PAIN. With slightly irritan injections (PROLOTHERAPY) we can heal the pain once and for all. Consult our specialist on Prolotherapy and forget about Pain.