Rigidity, Pain & Inflamation


Articular inflammation appears when liquids accumulate in soft tissues that surround the joints. 

Articular inflammation can be presented along with other joint pain. Inflammation can make the joint bigger or even deformed. The articular inflamation can make pain while resting and this pain can be improved doing exercise. When inflammation is intense joint pain can appear during the night, waking up the affected patient.

Articular inflammation can appear promptly or progressively and last a while. 

Articular Inflammation and Their Consequences

Articular inflammation it usually comes with pain and rigidity to the affected area. After an injury, it can mean that there is a broken bone or a sprain on the tendon or ligament of the muscle. Different kinds of arthritis can cause inflammation, redness or moderated heat surrounding the joint, also an infection on the joint can cause inflammation, pain and fever. 

The inflammation of a joint can be caused due to differente causes, such as: ankylosing spondylitis , gout, pseudogout, osteoarthritis, and all kinds of arthritis.

In order for a disease to not become chronic is important to go to your specialist on the first signals of pain, redness, heat, inflammation and pain.