Prolotherapy, PRP & Growth Factors


Prolotherapy does work well with all problems related to the labrum (hips or shoulders) and for the degenerated or broken meniscus, even more when we add platelet rich plasma (PRP). A few years back the most common result was surgery, as expected.

We need to take care of the inestability that even if a joint is treated under Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy and there's still an inestability is due to the present joint laxity 

What about Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are a set of substances, in its majority of protein nature that along hormones and neurotransmitters perform an important function on intercelular communication. The principal function of growth factors is the external control of the cellular cycle, trough the abandonment of the cellular inmobility.

The growth factor functions it not only to stimulate cellular proliferation trought the cellular cycle initiating mitosis, also manteining cellular survival, even apoptosis. Growth Factors perform s their function in very low concetration in body fluids, of the order of the picograms. They act unifiying to cellular receptors situated on the cellular membrane that transmits a signal from the exterior to the interior of the cell, trough the linkage of different proteins.

At PROLO VALLARTA you can get an specialized diangosis of your case, so we can establish a treatment and most important without surgery.