Prolotherapy for the Hip?!


The hip is a large ball and socket joint which connects the femur to the pelvis. It is primarily responsible for maintaining balance and posture. The hips support body weight when standing, in addition to allowing for movement of the legs to walk and run. 

The hip bears the brunt of any biomechanical abnormality that may occur because it maintains such an important role balancing the trunk of the body with every step. If one leg is turned out more than the other, or there is a leg-length discrepancy, the hip joint becomes stressed and the pelvis moves abnormally. Other common causes of hip pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Excess weight
  • Labral tear
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Sports injury

How Prolotherapy can improve Hip Pain

One of the most notable signs of a hip problem can be in a person's abnormal "waddling" gait, typically very stiff with the motion coming more from the swivel of the spine versus picking up the legs. Hip pain can also accompany a "catching" sensation or clicking upon bending and during exercise. Some people complain of pain deep in the joint, or pain that radiates down the leg or into the leg muscles. While hip pain is typically most noticeable upon weight bearing movements, some people will find that sleeping on the same side as the bad hip will cause enough achiness and pain to cause poor sleep. 

Prolotherapy physicians see hip pain differently than a traditional pain specialist. Rather than wait for the hip to get so bad that it needs to be replaced, Prolotherapy aims to strengthen the joint attachments (ligaments and tendons) and restore the joint cartilage. This regenerative injection technique acts like spot welding for the hip joint, triggering the body to strengthen the injected areas, and allowing the body to then heal on its own. Using various proliferant solutions, Prolotherapy can help eliminate pain by allowing the hip joint glide smoother during movement, repairing the labrum, and allowing the cartilage to regenerate.