Prolotherapy for Headaches?


Commonly known as wiplash or cervical sprain that are due to car accidents and on contact sports such as soccer, american football, rugby, extreme sports, just to name a few, most of the pain goes up the head, face and upper extremities wich came along with sensibility alterations and electric shocks, also a decrease on muscular strength, it could also present pain on shoulders and arms. 

What to do with Cervical Sprain?

This pathology is a league weakness of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the cervical spine. This inestability of the soft tissues result in wear and tear of the cervical discs in 85% of the patients with 60 years old and a 20% on patients between 20 - 30 years.

Prolotherapy bring results to cervical pain and pain due to headaches, even migraines might cease with this treatment. Always go and see a professional.