Pregnancy & Low Back Pain


How many months you have with your pain in your pregnancy? You're going to lift the baby many times a day and you still haven't figured if the pain might go away? In this blog we are going to give you some information that you need to know about during your pregnancy, the low back pain and how you can improve your life.

Through several months on pregnancy your body will go on to some significant changes that are going to affect the mother's life, from changes on physical structure and muscular level on the last three months of pregnancy. In this part is where most of the possibilities can happen of suffer from lumbago and low back pain, this is due to the position of the baby, muscular imbalances and the hormones from the same pregnancy.

New postures due to the baby growth

The increase of the lumbar curve creates a tension on the spine muscles. You add this to the weight gained and what's left is an overload on the spine mechanism, making a low back pain during pregnancy possible. 

When the mother starts suffering from pain due to lumbago and low back pain during pregnancy, it is importanto to go and see an specialist, and working along with the gynecologist it can deliver the treatment in good terms. 

Some methods that your specialist can talk you about are some special stretches for muscular strengthening and also he can guide on how to relax the spine muscles. Our professional Dr. Edgar Plantillas can teach the mother on how to adopt a correct posture during pregnancy and of course pospartum.