Prolotherapy Post Treatment


Patients are unsure of what to expect after receiving Prolotherapy, PRP, or Adult Stem Cell injections.
For about 24 hours after treatment patients may experience stiffness and soreness in the area treated. Occasionally, patients experience a longer "flare" of the inflammation caused by the procedure. This is not negative, since it is inflammation that promotes healing. Patients often report swelling, but when we check, it is rarely present, and the patient then usually says, "What I really meant is that it is stiff". A small number of patients experience instant relief from their pain.

You will be able to drive home or back to work, depending on the type of treatment you receive, as well as eat and drink normally. If you receive PRP or Stem Cells, it is best to rest the area for 24 hours. With dextrose Prolotherapy, normal activity is fine, and it is not necessary to change your routine after receiving treatments. However, it is always best not to exercise the area treated until advised by your practitioner.

Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Meds

In addition, avoid NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen) which block inflammation and therefore, the biosynthesis of collagen and cartilage. Tylenol or narcotics like Vicodin will not disturb the healing process.

There are a few things that people can do which can inhibit the healing process post treatment. It is necessary to understand this in order to avoid the same behavior. While normal activity is perfectly fine, as previously mentioned, be sure not to over exercise the joint. Patients who exercise obsessively will experience bad results, and may even damage the area further. Discuss exercising with your prolotherapist to learn about what an appropriate and safe amount of post treatment exercise is for your condition.