Overweight & Joints


Overweight notably affect the performance on the knees, because it is the place where all the weight of the person is supported and meanwhile the body volume increases, the inconveniences also increase in this part of the body. Also, the over weight increase the pressure on the arc of the sole while standing or walking; this problem leads to pain in the foot and the knee.

Among the most common affections in the inferior joints, you can name tendonitis, wich is the inflammation of the tendons due to the overuse of a tendon, in certain activities that require a physical effor like running, jumping or riding a bike. This affection is frequently observed in basketball players that stomp on the ground with a huge force after doing a big jump.

Problems at walking because of tears.

Tears and cartilage sprains happen due to a huge impact or twist. Symptoms include pain, swelling and trouble for walking.

Thereá also de osteoarthritis, a kind of arthritis that affects the knee, this is a degenerative proccess that affect older people.

In case of a knee injury caused by a traumatist, we recommend to inmobilize the affected leg not too tight, put ice on the affected zone, never heat, not to move the affected limb, and take the injured person to your nearest specialist.

It is very important to mantain an acceptable weight to avoid future complication on the knees and other joints. Exercise is always recommendable, however, it must be realized under the supervision of specialist to avoid injuries, you must pre heat for at least 10 minutes before developing such physical activity, do not exceed for protection of the joint, do not lift weights also do not realize sudden movements.