Neural Prolotherapy, What about it?


Dr. John Liftogt is the precursor of this technique.

Hilton's Law says that the nerve that gives sensibility to the joint also supplies that sensibility to the skin above the joint and the muscles that move that joint. This law suggest that if a nerve that cover a joint is irritated, it can affect (causing pain and also could modify the function) the joint or periarticular muscles.

Dr. Liftogt inyects dextrose around the nerves that are placed inmediately under the skin. He does this because the nerves are a soft tissue and also dextrose cure other connective tissue, it can help to improve the nervous function. 

He saw that with subcutaneous application through the nerve way, in small intervals instead of little places with one or two pints, he found that the local swelling improved in the area, plus a decrease of the pain and improvement of the function. |n other words, these are inyections on specific point, where nerve irritations might be causing a decease, pain or injurie.