Music, Fingers & Prolotherapy


How many guitarists have altered their style of playing from five fingered riff blazing virtuosos to simple chord strumming rhythmists because of finger, hand, wrist and elbow pain? Certainly too many. While, there are many articles devoted to preventive exercises, stretching, warm-ups and other techniques to ensure the guitar player can protect themselves from repetitive strain injury (RSI). This article will focus on those guitarists whose skill and dexterity has been robbed by painful fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows.

To no surprise, guitarists suffer from the same wear and tear injuries that plague computer users and others who make a living or act as hobbyists in activities involving the fingers. This injury is commonly referred to as repetitive strain injury and is caused by tearing and ripping in the connective tissue-especially the ligaments.

Prolotherapy for Finger Pain

For the those with finger pain for an example, an injection of dextrose will be made into the painful finger joint. The dextrose will start a very small inflammatory response in the area.This new inflammation will increase the blood supply to the area, (why ligaments do not heal quickly or are a source of long term chronic pain, is because they themselves have a limited and poor blood supply.) With a new blood supply comes the immune system cells that clean up damaged tissue and lay down strong new tissue. (Studies on Prolotherapy's effectivenesshave shown ligaments can become 50% thicker and their strength becomes 200-400% stronger.)

Depending on the severity of injury, a patient will typically need to be treated two to four times to show improvement. Start your new life now!