Low Back Pain in Mexico


On this article we will talk about some facts that we need to know about Low Back Pain in Mexico and how it is that we are able to not only take the pain away, but rather healing in, once and for all.

  • In our country lowback pain is one of the most common pathologies that cause more damage to companies.
  • Serious health issues: First cause of work incapacity, temporarily or permanently on young adults with a lot of social repercusion on their careers, socially and family related issues.
  • IMSS: 8 out of 10 people suffer from lowerback pain.
  • Prevalence trough life: 60% -80%
  • Annual Incidence: 5% -25%
  • Ages that get the most affected: 25 - 45 años (working age).

More infor about Lumbago in Mexico.

  • 50% of people that are still working suffer from a lower back pain diagnosis.
  • 30% need work incapacity aproximmately 12 days for each case.
  • More staff absenteeism, disability, pension, medical care demand, first level and hospital assistance.
  • First caus of work incapacity from 20 years -45 years work range.
  • Second cause of consultation after influenza symptons.
  • Three times more expensive that all the money destinated to all forms of cancer.
  • LowerBack Pain for more than three months it is considered chronic pain.
  • It migth need analgesic life tratment that can cause: gastritis, peptic ulcer, doudenal tissue damage, intestinal perforation, etc.
  • Info by: Revista IMSS. Mayo 2008

Do you imagine all the lost effort and all because of lower back pain? It is demonstrated that in other countries (USA, Canada, England, Japan) going with your specialist at first sympton of pain can cause an on time diagnosis and all over others instances, treatable. With no need of surgeries or long treatments that only take the pain away for a few hours of relief but it doen't get cured.

At PROLO VALLARTA we can help you to take control of your life again.