Low back pain and its complications


The low part of the back is a delicate area, composed by tendons, muscles, nerve roots, sensitive nervs that goes from the low back to the extremities (legs and feet). Composed by small and complex articulations and the most important thing; intervertebral discs with their gelatinous nuclei. 

Some irritation or anomaly within these structures may be the cause of lumbalgia, a pain that irradiates to other parts of the body. The pain due to lumbar muscular spasms, could be so strong and even become a chronic pain.

Causes of low back pain according to age

The first step to heal the pain in an efficient way is to identify symptom and a correct diagnose of the real cause of it. 

Some of the common causes of low back pain might happen when the patient is younger, even if we think that is something that usually happen to elders.

  • In younger adults between 30 years old or 40 years old, theres a high risk at experiecing low back pain, due to the intervertebral space (such as lumbar disc herniation or discarthrosis) or maybe cause by a distension of a muscle of the low back or another soft part.
  • Older adults (from 60 years old) are more susceptible to suffer a pain develop by the degeneration of the articulation (such as arthrosis or spinal stenosis) or a fracture.

For all of those things listed above, we recommend to see an specialist, so you can know wich treament could suit better for you. At Prolo Vallarta, we have everything to help you HEAL the PAIN in your life, once and for all.