Kobe Bryant tried Prolotherapy


If we turn on the TV in this time of the year we will watch on most of the Sports Channels basketball matches. But along with the hoops and jimps, theres another trend on the court: kneepads. Knee injuries are incredibly common among athletes, this also affects us who doesn't get into the court so much.

Moving around with weight excess is one of the most common causes of knee pain, due to these causes our knees can feel the wear and tear of the physical exercise, stading for long periods of time working, a fall or a car accident.

When a basketball player suffer from an injurie, they usually cannot afford long recovery periods of time. Their careers depend on the hability they have to bouce back after the injurie. Some of the professional atheletes have a Prolotherapy treatment after the injurie. 

Kobe Bryant one of the most clear and prevalent examples of a professional athelete, that recently has changed  the way they took their treatments, he used a type of reconstructive regenerative therapy with injections (Prolotherapy) to strenght his injured knee.

Prolotherapy can help strengthen weakened areas by targeting the injury site with natural substances such as a special dextrose solution, and stimulates our own immune system to use its own regenerative potential to help us heal faster. This form of pain treatment is helping professional athletes like Kobe Bryant eliminate the pain from both new and lingering injuries while improving their strength, quickness and agility that was lost.