Injuries while Lifting Heavy Objects


At some point in our lives we need to be able to lift heavy loads, while the time goes by these liftings have affected our muscles, particularly our backs. When we move out of our homes for example, due to the weight of the boxes we lift and the inadecuate positions that these heavy object make us to do, produce an overload in our muscles and imbalances in our spine. 

A move out of home lead to repetitiv movements, this make a decease in the physical capabilities of the person that does it. Trying to get whit large furniture in places with some difficulty to acces, like elevators, patios, terraces, etc, some discomfort can appear in shoulders, elbows, wrists or back if those positions are mantained by a long period of time. 

Be Careful while Lifting Heavy Objects

Because of this we need to be conscious of the importance on the correct way to perform such tasks. Is fundamental to avoid any kind of effort and bad postures that produce contractures, cramps and muscle fiber breaks.


  • Lumbalgia
  • Sciatic
  • Hernial Disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis

Some disorders can appear on the neck of shoulders if we addopt a forced position with the head (while inclining it or turning it) or we do prolonged movements. The symptoms of neck injuries are pain, tickling sensations and rigidity.

While lifting heave loads we apply so much strength with our arms and our hands. A perfect example of a classic injury on the shoulders, elbow or knee is the bursitis. It can happen while kneeling over or while doing repetitive movements with the shoulders. Either way, if we don't realize the essentials to make those movements for example taking the correct posture, we can suffer injuries that can cause pain, rigidity and inflammation.

We need to have some basic recommendations on mind if we are going to attempt lifting heavy objects.