Injuries in Extreme Sports: Skateboarding


Skateboarding is going to be one of the new olimpic sports in the 2020 games.

Skateboard was born in California, half century ago as a urban extension of the waves, because when surfers wanted to have fun and the ocean was calm. The four wheels fun virus was getting known and those old wood tables were getting better and better. The pioneers of the sport that slide on the streets like it where waves was a sensation that lasted a few decades.

Most Common Injuries at Skate

In order to mantain equilibrium, es essential to take the knees to the plaice with fast spins. Which stimulate knee injurie, however it is frequent in this sport, arms injuries, even fractures, because the arms are the ones that absorb impact.

  • The knee usually get cruciated ligament injuries.
  • The ankle, from sprains to fractures.
  • Injuries on the wrist and hand. Instinctivelly used to absorb impact while falling. 
  • Skull encephalic Injuries. Even while using a helmet, the ones that are not common to use it are the smaller ones... Unfortunately hospitals exists, too many children in coma due to this sport.

The helmet use is primordial to protect from future encephalic traumatims.

Knee pads and elbow pads even though are not so useful, they help to absorb the impacts and avoid scar, when a skate hang occurs.