Injuries in Extreme Sports: Parkour


Parkour is an activity that implies force, it includes freedom, courage and discipline. Consist in a series of acrobatic movements like jumping from one building to another, climb walls, and the urban landscape is the training field of these new atheletes.

Parkour is the art of motions, about always going forward even due to obstacles. The main objetive is to never going back, but to overcome the obstacles in a fluid form, with strenght, originality and velocity. There's no doubt that this is a sport with so much philosohpy around it.

Most Frequent Injuries at Parkour.

SPRAINS: This injurie features the ligament distention of the articulation. The most frequent sprain among Parkour athletes are the ankle sprain, and event this injurie can happen on the knees and the wrists.

MUSCULAR CONTRACTION: It usually appears like laces after a long day of doing an effort. Is pretty common on people that are not trained and start to practice some sport; reintegrate to practice after a long inactivity period; while going from a soft training to intense training or after a extra unsual effort.

MUSCULAR FATIGUE: it consist in the decrease of the muscle to produce tension or shortening. It is produces due to excesive efforts withoit giving the time to recovery, lack of training, nutrition and resting, alcohol or tobacco abuse. Also due to biochemical and nervous alterations, like celular intoxication (lactic acid accumulation)  or decrease in energy reserves. 


PATELLAR: It can happen at the extensor apparatus of the calf. Causes: The overload tension produced by  the quadriceps muscle, causing tendon degeneration and in some occasions tear of some of their filaments.

AQUILEA: It affects the Achilles tendon, the calf muscles. Causes: Infections, rheumatisms, muscular overload, inadecuate footwear, excessive consumption of red meat and sausages.