Golf & Wrists


Anyone who has experienced a wrist injury will know how inconvenient they can be. Not a day goes by, or even an hour, when we don't use our hands, making the wrist a very important part of functioning normally. Damage to the wrist can cause a loss of productivity at work, neglecting household responsibilities, and even lead to disability if not treated properly. Prolotherapy wrist treatments have been proven an effective way to treat wrist injuries that affect the soft tissues of the joint. Prolotherapy wrist injections work to stimulate new growth and heal the body using its own natural immune processes. 

Golfing and Wrists

Many golfers complain of experiencing wrist pain due to the repeated motions required by a skilled player. A patient was in this situation, and was diagnosed with a tear in the triangular fibrocartilage complex of his wrist. He had been told that his wrist would not heal without an invasive surgery that had proven to be less than 75 percent successful. Surgery should be looked at as a last resort, so this patient naturally looked into alternative treatments. His research led him to prolotherapy wrist injections, which he began undergoing. He felt better after each treatment, felt no side effects, and eventually experienced a complete recovery. By creating new collagen to repair the tear in the tendon, prolotherapy wrist treatment healed his condition completely.