Crossfit Injuries


What is Crossfit?

It is a high intensity training method that combine exercises, inside different circuits realized consecutively. This discipline, allows to optimize and improve the muscular strength, cardiopulmonary resistence, balance, flexibility, power, velocity, coordination, agility, velocity, among others. Usually practiced in the army, fireman and mixed martial arts champions.   

Most common injuries in Crossfit

When we talk about Crossfit, either way we know the precautions, how to take care and the required stretches, to deal with this training. We need to recognize that the intensity, long walked distances with heavy objects in a short amount of time, gymnastic activities, olympic weightlifting, only to name a few of them, injuries might be expected.

The most common injuries are: rhabdomyolysis, oxidative stress, rupture of ligamentous fibers and muscles, fractures & contractures.

  • Shoulders injuries: due to weightlifting , wich are commonly executed unsupervised, without any technique or dosification. At realizing the rotation or excesive hyperextension of the shoulder, under previous fatigue conditions, could be a fatal combination for injuries to happen: bursitis, subluxation, luxation, tendonitis, fracture, contractures, subacromial impingement.
  •  Spine injuries: a low back pain is the most common thing at crossfit injuries, usually caused by a sudden extension of the hip, contralateral rotation and inclination of the torso. In the long term weightlifting without the adequate supervision could generate herniated discs, protusions and contractures.
  • Knees injuries: break or wear on the meniscus, tendonitis due to overweight, partial roture or total of cruciate ligaments, are the most common injueries where tendons or ligaments stretching is excessive.
  • Wrist injuries: It affects the radial nerve, tenosynovitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, contractures, fractures, also other common injuries.

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