Consequences of Flatfoot


Flatfoot is a bunch of disorders of the feet alignment, that occurs while standing all of our weight on the plantar vault due to the collapse of the foot arc.

When someone suffers from flatfoot, the ankle deviates forwards, the zone where the arc touches the ground giving an appeareance of sinking and the most interior part of the foot, has more support from the inner area.

It is pretty common that children have flatfoot; due to the time that the arc itself needs to develop completely, this is from the moment we are born until 3-4 years old. The arc develops during the childhood as part of the normal growing procces of the muscles, tendons, joints and bones.

Doing exercises like tiptoeing and walking barefoot on grass can help to develop the arcs on the childhood. 

It is necessary that the parents or an specialist do the chek-ups every once in a while to keep the progress on the arcs. It is necessary to have a visual inspection and keep an eye on the kid, if the child starts walking in a weird way, for example, leaning in a weird way, walking on the  outer edges, or something this kind of children might fall more often because both of their knees get stuck with one another.

Flatfoot could also develop in adults as a consequence of injuries, diseases, or prolonged effort on the feet, or also as a usual aging procces. If this affection happens on the adulthood, the feet might stay in that way permanently.