Common Injuries at tenis


Tennis is one of the most popular sports that has raised attention the last 30 years. It gives you benefits from exercising the upper part of the body and also the mind. You can practice it individually or in teams, usually at open air or on special courts.

The are two players minimum, even two couples in a rectangle form court, divided by a fence or a net. This sport is extremely technical and is needed a previous preparation of the player, professional or amateur level. In this sport sprints, rythim changes and continous strong hits are common in this, and all of this in a forced position.

All the muscles of the body are involved in the practice of tennis and all these pieces are commited for a possible injury.

Typical Injuries of the Tennis Player

Epicondylitis of the tennis player

In fact the name of it is: tennis player elbow, even though this might happen among less prepared and untrained players that go for a long match during one day and the rest of the week are totally sedentary.

This pain in the epicondyl, might have different causes so at the differencial diagnosis we need to notice the aspect of the body of the patient, also we need to attend the necrology, the diet and also the emotional factor.

Trouble at tennis shoulder

The tennis player shoulder is common due to continous hits, a wrong technique that leads to a close hit to the positions of the articulate blocking, or lack on the control of the stabilizers of the shoulder and on the long road it could lead to a injury at the shoulder, the most fickle of all. Tendinous injuries at the supraspinatus, trigger points at the rotators of the shoulder or luxations or subluxations repeated times, could the consequence of a inadequate motor system that can limitate the practice of this sport.

Injuries at the meniscus at tennis

In a match or training of tennis there are a huge amount of hits, those hits could be static or running, and these one can cause injuries at the knee, especially at some surfaces that block the ankle, which can favor a rotation of the shinbone according to the femur and at the same time a huge extension of the knee happens. 

Patellar tendinitis at tennis

Tennis matches tend to extend for hours, this lead to a huge number of races, sprints and changes on the rythm that lead pain to the tendons, especially to the patellar and the triceps or the achilles, this continous races need a specific pre-workout and pre-heating, the tendinous injuries like tendinitis, might be induced by micro injuries that degenerate tendons.

Lumbar problems at tennis

The hitting at tennis needs the whole body to be really effective and strong, from the soles up to the hit of the racket, this calls at the lumbar zone that many of the times realizes  a ballistic rotatory movement. The vertebrae are not well designed for rotatory movement of a wide range, which could make an impact on the joints or even the lumbar disc due to the forces that produce at this level.

Carpal tunnel at tennis.

The continous pressure on the racket grip, and the hours & hours of hitting can make damage on the carpal tunnel. This joint on the wrist is a zone highly involved due to the nervous path. The medium nerve trought it passage on the carpal tunnel, could be compressed due to very irritaring like tingling sensation, changes on the sensibility or even functional impotence. There are different lessions on tennis due to the complexity and demand of this sport, due to a physical training & prevention since warm up.

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