Bones and Joints Injuries at Voleyball


Voleyball is a team sport that consist on passing over a net a ball to the contrary fiel, this net cross the field, the player use their hands to do this, but in some time they can do it with any other part of the body.

The ball can be touched or impulsed with clean shots, but it cannot be stoped, hold, retained or coupled. To score a point one team need to achieve that the ball touched the ground inside the rival tema, all of this while following the rules.

Frequent Injuries at Voleyball

Injuries on the finger, it can cover from a simple finger sprain while blocking the ball, to a displacement of the finger or the thumb due to an inadequate blocking technique. The symptons of the injure are: swelling, pain and break, hand pain while touching the fingertip and unnable to move. The injures at the fingers are considered as minor traumatism but without the indicated treatment, the patient can have bigger problems.

Shoulder Injuries

Fast movements of the arm tend to the weakness of the muscles of the rotator cuff. Shoulder injuries might cause a luxation of the should or even a shoulder separation. The common symptons goes from inflamationa at the bottom, swelling of the affected area and a huge pain and numbness.

Ankle Injuries

This kind of injuries are very common. The numerous ankel ligaments can strech or break when they are forced to a uncomfortable position. How do you know if your ankle is injured? Take it easy! The pain and swelling will make you notice!

Knee Injuries

The constant position of the bended knees that the player does in frequently or the "hard landings" and the stress on the joints lead to swelling and pain. A common symptom is the morning rigidity that diminished while the day goes on.

Back Injuries

When there are direction changes or blocking movements of the ball above the head, due to this, player could develop a chronic low back pain. The symptons are pain while drifting or twisting the lower back.