Bones and Joints Injuries at Soccer


One of the most common injuries that affects bones and joint are fracturas, sprains, traumatism and dislocations.

On soccer the most frequent ones are:

Fractures on the nose bones: It consist on a rupture of the bones at the nose. This injurie usuallly happens while impacting againts opponents, parteners and even with the same ball or maybe aggressions.

Fracture of tibia and fibula: The fracture at the diaphysis of these bones might happen in collisions after an entrance with an adversary. In some occasions only one of the bones might break, but if the entrance is strong it is probable that a double fracture might occur. If you suffer this lesson a surgery also might be necessary .

Breakage of the phalanges of the foot: The peculiarity that happens in this kind of injurie is due that in most cases is unwittingly, even if you got injured or not, most of the patients do no realize it, until the match is finished.

Breakage of the phalanges of the hand or wrist: It is most frequent between the goalies because it might happen due to an impact with another player or a bad position while protecting the goal.

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