Bones and Joints Injuries at Football


Football is a high impact sport, strong contact and high physical resistance, due to this season after season there are a huge number of injured atheletes.

The most frequent injuries between active football players are:

Frequent Injuries at Football

Knee Injurie: Rupture of the cruaciated ligament, collateral ligament sprain, meniscus rupture. Knee injuries might happen due to high impact, for falling down or an abrupt and sudden change in the direction that the player was running to. Knees are the area with the highest rate of injuries between NFL players.

Ankle Injurie: Ankle sprain. The same as knee injurie, the ankles suffer a lot due to high impacto, the falls and orientation changes while racing.

Leg Injurie: Mostly in the thigh or the gluteus: tendon deformation, sprains. Are the product of strong traumatism y huge wear and tear wich the player are subject during the season, even in adverse weather conditions.

Shoulder Injurie: Dislocated shoulder, joint injurie. Any player can suffer a traumatis injurie at the shoulder, but is the QB the one that has the higher risk of suffering problems in this joint, due to wear and tear/

Head Injurie: Contusion, contusions can generate future problems to NFL players.