Bones and Joints Injuries at Basketball


Baskbetall was created as a sport where the players have little contact with the rival, but nowadays the intensity of the game is more elevated and contact is inevitable. Considered as high risk injurie sport, is evident that the injurie is on how often do you practice this sport, if you're a professional or if you are growing up.

The most usual injuries in occasional players are ankle sprains, and we cannot forget also finger luxations, plantar fascitis or other minor injuries that could be assoaciated with this sport. Injuries of the hands are also frequent and they need to be treated. Es a common practice not to care about this kind of injuries, jut putting a provisional bandage and not going with an especialist.

Frequent Injuries at Basketball

Players on a professional leve, are most exposed to injuries, even on training or competitions. The most common injure is the ankle sprain, but the injurie that incapacitates and leaves the player on the sideline are the ones related to the knee. Fatigue and tiredness or the bad physical preparation are one of the most common causes that can make an injurie happen.

Kinds of injuries.

Below I'm going to tell you a list of the most common injuries, according to each part of the body:

Upper extremity

Finger Luxation


Low Back Pain

Herniated Disc

Lumbar Pain

Lower Extremity:

Patellar Tendinitis or Jumper Knee

Ankle Sprain


Plantar Fasciitis

Stress related feet fracture: This kind of injurie can be secondary to the other ones. Either way for playing too mmuch or over training. This injuries might happen can on the feet or the low part of the tibia. Once it is diagnosed, the rehabilitator will indicate the immovilization of the fractured limb. 

There are other injuries like face related injuries, very common due to the contact, it might need stitches or bandages.