Benefits of Prolotherapy


In this article we are going to talk about the main points of wich Prolotherapy is the better option of PAIN treatment, which have been delevop since the first day you found out about that pain.

Benefits of Prolotherapy:

  1. It can be thep principal cause of not needing a Surgery.
  2. Succes rate are very high, at least in comparison of  the traditional methods and/or therapies that are currently available in the market. This succes goes from 84% to a 94% of succes and even more if it is combined with ozone therapy and even more if PRP is included.
  3. It could be applied as mucha as needed, it has an acumulative and beneficial effect.
  4. It doesn't  cause any side effects, the patient goes out as same as he arrived, walking.
  5. Practically. it has no other contraindications.


  • Because the method of treatment are injections almost noone likes them.
  • If it's going to work the result it could be very slow. So it's only matter to let the patient know about it, after the second session. And also as it could work at the first treatment, it could work after the third one, there are even patients that after a sixth treatment.