Avoiding Surgery


There is some chronic pain that stays with us for a long period of time, and even if we receive treatments on it, it seems that there's not going to be any cure. The pain stays there, treatment after treatment, therapy after therapy and doesn't leave, it seems that we will carry it for life.

Even all the money and time wasted on searching and going to a place that only diminished the pain and doesn't cures it, we believe that we are not going to find any peace and surgery might be the final option. The holy grail.

You do not have to live with pain.

The efficiency and control of the Prolotherapy is at a state of the art quality, and there's no other regenerative therapy that assure positive results in a short amount of time. With 84% of efectiveness it makes it one of the best regenerative therapies that exist in the world today.

Usually it is recommended to patients that think or are told that the best way to take the pain away its through surgery, to eliminate articular pain, herniated disc and pain on tendons. Another valid point to choose prolotherapy over other therapies is the recovery time, that on the contrary to classical surgery (2 up to 4 weeks) you don't need to stay in the specialist office longer than required.

When tendons are regenerated with lightly irritaring solutions, there's a better chance to heal the PAIN and the DAMAGE on them. But more important, to avoid surgery. The only thing we could be afraid of is the inyection in wich the solutions gets in your pain area.