Are there any risk in Prolotherapy?


Any medical treatment that the pacient deicide to go through, have a certain risk that varies in fuction of the nature of the risk itself. To understand the risk of the prolotherapy we need it to put it on perspective.

For example, treating an injury on the ligaments could be done in two different ways, the first one is with a surgery where the damaged tissue needs to be removed from the ligament and spent a long rehabilitation process. Meanwhile in Prolotherapy, the treatment is injected and because of this it has a lower risk than a surgery. It also depends on the patients health and if the patients have no pre-existing conditions. Even tough the fewers risk of prolotherapy involve bruises and irritation.

It is true that there are other kind of risks, are a lot less frequent, some of the patients might suffer a little infection or allergic reaction to the treatment or maybe irritation of a nerve, on the average the discomfort cause by Prolotherapy last from 1 to 2 days. All of these discomforts are temporary and are a lot less aggressive that the secondary effect that surgery comes with and the aftercare needed.

In any case, Dr. Edgar Plantillas, it's in charged on how  to apply Prolotherapy and will personally explained you the possible complication that could be in the treatment and all of them that might affect because of a pre-existent condition on the patient.