8 Tips for Running at Adult Age


There's no age to start practicing a sport.

When some of us reach to an old age, it is common that most of us will lead to a sedentary life. But anyhow you want to learn running at Adult Age, you need to check out your health first. This is because usually when people reaches an Adult Age tend to suffer from heart disease, chronic disease or they medicate themselves, etc. For all of this reasons it is more difficult to have the decision of starting a new sport.

Some benefits of running at Adult Age is avoiding heart diseases, it reduces the tension, it strenghten your muscles. If there's a real motivation on start running and the disposition to get the previous knowledge, such as a medical check: starting to run at Adult Age would be easier than you think.

8 Tips for Running at Adult Age

The most important thing to start this new activity, is the desire to do it and keeping the constancy of it. Below we give you this 8 tips that help you start with this new healthy hobbie.

  1. Medical checkup: More important than in any other age. We have mentioned some diseases that are most common at this age, therefore is necessary to do a medical checkup with an specialist, the most complete possible, each six months. Health control is fundamental. 
  2. Running equipment: Just like any other hobbie, equipment might make the difference, so pick up the best that you can afford, this would improve on your practice. Comfy and special running clothes would be essential. But most important, running shoes that suit your step. 
  3. Diet: Yes, yes we know. But if you're starting a new routine, there's no playing with diet, even less at this age. The correct diet will provide with the necessary energy for your practice. Along with healthy food, you should be perfec hydrated. 
  4. Low impact activities: Alternate running with walking. Don't realize hard routines and avoid risky sports. Also you could combine running with swimming, maybe even one day at the gym. In this way you can build up your muscles and would be getting better at the moment you're running. Also it is preventive measure against Alzheimer.
  5. Listen to your Body: Breathing exercises before running are fundamental. Learning how to breathe and listening to your body signals to know what you need is essential to prevent mistakes at routines. 
  6. Rest: Recovery phases of the body are longer than the ones that we had when we were 20 years old. You don't have to go out everyday and only rest one or two days per week. When oneself reaches to an Adult Age it is necessary more resting days per week.
  7. Enjoy: This is the most important thing when we start something new. If you enjoy it the results are just gonna show up. You could try running with a group of friend, so you'll find it more entertaining.
  8. Prolotherapy: If you suffer an injury or simply need more elasticity in your joints, consult a Prolotherapy specialist, it could help to improve your performance and also the wear and tear of the joints.