Information on Prolotherapy

Flatfoot is a bunch of disorders of the feet alignment, that occurs while standing all of our weight on the plantar vault due to the collapse of the foot arc.

Orthopaedic is a branch of the medicine, dedicated to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent injuries and diseases of the locomotor system of the human body. This system is so complex that is formed by bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. This system allows to perform movements on any living being.

BMX is considered a pedal extreme sport, an acrobatic mode of cycling from the 70's where it was born in California. Their acronyms means Bicycle Moto Cross. In the 80's this practice was generalized and give place to the variant called as "race" or racing circuit, very similar to the ones realized with motorcycles. In the mid 80's,...

Parkour is an activity that implies force, it includes freedom, courage and discipline. Consist in a series of acrobatic movements like jumping from one building to another, climb walls, and the urban landscape is the training field of these new atheletes.

Voleyball is a team sport that consist on passing over a net a ball to the contrary fiel, this net cross the field, the player use their hands to do this, but in some time they can do it with any other part of the body.

Football is a high impact sport, strong contact and high physical resistance, due to this season after season there are a huge number of injured atheletes.

Baskbetall was created as a sport where the players have little contact with the rival, but nowadays the intensity of the game is more elevated and contact is inevitable. Considered as high risk injurie sport, is evident that the injurie is on how often do you practice this sport, if you're a professional or if you are growing up.

Baseball is a team sport classified as bat and field, in wich there are no contact between participants. A sport that goes back from centuries ago, it's one of the most antiques and also one of the most populars in the United States and part of the world, considered as a national sport, also in Venezuela, is the most socially accepted sport....